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Performance Ratings

Performance Ratings
Performance Ratings, also referred to as PRs, are a measure of how well a horse performed in a race. You can think of it as a numerical value assigned to the time where a high PR correlates to a fast time. A horse who earns a higher PR will place higher in a race than a horse who earns a low PR - this ordering can never be swapped.

PRs also generally correlate to what grade a horse should enter, as listed in a chart on the Evaluating Talent page. Although a horse can sometimes run unusually well or unusually poor, once they're racing consistently you should get an idea of their average PR and use that as a guideline for entering. If your horse is consistently running a lower PR than their Potential suggests is possible (per chart on the linked page), it's time to figure out what's going on so you can improve their performance.

This page walks through all of the major and minor components of PR, but we've also provided a PR Predictor calculator you can use to easily pinpoint problem areas for your horses. It may be useful to refer back to this page as you plug your horses' information into the template.
Finding PR
Performance Ratings are offered as a stablewide upgrade in the Pro Shop. Once purchased, you'll be able to see PRs in all past and future races for any horse you own. You'll also see statistics on their page for their (recent) average PR, highest PR, and best PR of the year. This can help you make entering decisions quickly, but is otherwise not necessary for success.

You don't need the Performance Ratings upgrade to figure out your horses' PRs! The lengths (L) between horses in a race always corresponds to the difference in PR between those two horses. 1 length = 2 PR points or L * 2 = Difference in PR. If your horse ran 10 L behind a horse that ran a 120 PR, you can calculate that your horse ran 100 PR.

This formula is accurate until PRs enter very narrow margins (within 2 points), in which case you may see a variety of notes including: 3/4L, head, neck, or nose.
Primary Components of PR
The factors listed in this section are all considered major or primary components of PR. These are things that can consistently impact a horse's PR to a significant degree. Due to their impact, they are the first things you should look at if a horse is running worse than expected.

ComponentApprox. PR Impact
PotentialUp to 60 Points [More Info]
StyleUp to 60 Points [More Info]
RestUp to 120 Points [More Info]
MoraleUp to 120 Points [More Info]
PeakUp to 160 Points [More Info]
SoundnessUp to 160 Points [More Info]

Secondary Components of PR
The following factors are all considered secondary or moderate components of PR. Many of these factors are variable in intensity and won't impact every horse to the same degree. How much they impact an individual horse will depend upon its unique stats or genes. Many of these factors can add bonuses or penalties in different situations.

Another thing to keep in mind is these factors are all more important in horses that have lower Potential, as they're earning less points from Potential and Style. A 30 Potential horse who is earning bonuses here can easily overpower a Peerless horse who is earning several penalties here.

ComponentApprox. PR Impact
EnergyUp to 60 Points [More Info]
DistanceUp to 50 Points [More Info]
Favorite DistanceUp to 50 Points [More Info]
SurfaceUp to 50 Points [More Info]
Filly PowerUp to 50 Points [More Info]
ConsistencyUp to 40 Points [More Info]
MudUp to 40 Points [More Info]
JockeyUp to 35 Points [More Info]
BW PrepUp to 30 Points [More Info]
CourageUp to 30 Points [More Info]
TravelUp to 25 Points [More Info]
ExperienceUp to 20+ Points [More Info]
Race PrepUp to 20 Points [Only in Series]
ConditionUp to 20 Points [More Info]
TrackUp to 20 Points [More Info]

Rare & Insignificant Components of PR
This final section includes a variety of components that may add or subtract a few points from PRs. Many of these are highly situational and don't apply to every horse. A history of severe injuries, for example, can have a huge impact on PR but most horses don't experience them frequently and won't face the most extreme PR consequences.

ComponentApprox. PR Impact
Injury History (Strength)Up to 100% of PR [More Info]
Injury in RaceUp to 50 Points [More Info]
MaturityUp to 30 Points [More Info]
Juvenile AdvancementUp to 15 Points [More Info]
Juvenile PR15% of Best [More Info]
PaceUp to 10 Points [More Info]
Track BiasUp to 10 Points [Random]
Jockey TraitsUp to 5 Points [More Info]

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Making Magic
Issa (#1)
11/27/22 11:44 pm
Registration is open for Up to Snow Good (December-January) Board Game Arena tournaments. Check out #šŸ†tournament-info for more details!
Issa (#1)
11/25/22 10:45 pm
Backgrounds can now be assigned with Tack Sets in your Settings.
Issa (#1)
11/25/22 2:58 pm
A dusting of gold has been sighted swirling around FFH... Head over to #šŸ¦„behind-the-scenes on Discord to cast your vote!
Issa (#1)
11/15/22 10:47 pm
The grade 'cap' (PR at which horses earn Handily) for G2 has been increased to 150 and G3 to 120.
Issa (#1)
11/15/22 10:45 pm
All horses now earn 5 Golden Apples per Allowance start. Horses 4 years and older also earn 2 Golden Apples per G3 start. Golden Apple rewards do not vary by breed or race type.
Issa (#1)
11/15/22 5:42 pm
Allowance purses have increased to 100,000 and G3 purses have increased to 150,000.
Issa (#1)
11/12/22 3:56 pm
Pasture is no longer available for yearlings or horses in training.
Issa (#1)
11/05/22 4:31 pm
Goldblood geldings are now available from the Horse Trader.
Issa (#1)
11/04/22 4:55 pm
February rollover will begin at 3:00am on Sunday, rather than 1:00am, due to the daylight savings time change.
Issa (#1)
10/29/22 2:11 pm
The racing auction will open tomorrow after the rollover to February. Please get your last consignments in today!
Issa (#1)
10/27/22 11:43 pm
November Board Game Arena tournaments are open for registration! Info can be found in #šŸ†tournament-info on Discord.
Issa (#1)
10/27/22 7:53 pm
A breeding workshop will be held at 6:00pm tomorrow (Friday) in Discord. If you can't make it, you're welcome to PM or DM me a questions in advance. If sending a PM, please use the subject 'Breeding Workshop'.
Issa (#1)
10/25/22 4:25 pm
Breeding Skills now unlock after earning 3 Training Skills.
Issa (#1)
10/20/22 11:22 pm
The Y50 Celebration Raffle will be held on Saturday, probably in the early afternoon. A ping will be sent on Discord before it begins. You don't need to be present to win.
Issa (#1)
10/20/22 6:05 pm
There is a new option to mark Leases as Newbie Friendly. This designation places a 'Sprout' icon next to the price in the Sales Arena and on the horse's page, indicating that a seller is interested in leasing to an inexperienced player. (This does not prevent experienced players from offering on the lease.)
Issa (#1)
10/20/22 6:02 pm
There is a new link in the Forum to view all of your Subscribed Posts at once.
Issa (#1)
10/20/22 6:01 pm
The Stable Results page now shows the overall top PR ran among your horses each week.
Issa (#1)
10/20/22 5:59 pm
There is a new Best PR icon which will appear on a horse's page (next to Race History) and Stable Results whenever a horse runs a new personal best. You can toggle this off in your Settings.
Bucky (#2464)
10/19/22 10:15 pm
All consignments have been removed from the Y51 Training Sale due to some bugs. It is now fixed and previously consigned will need to be re-consigned.
Issa (#1)
10/19/22 1:51 pm
The Y51 Training Sale is open for consignments. As with the yearling sales, there is a regular section (FFH$) and Pro section (PC). Eligibility information can be found on the Consignment page.
Issa (#1)
10/19/22 11:50 am
Genotype Search now includes an option to filter stallions by Grade. Full and Cloaked Line studs are automatically hidden by default to help reduce clicks needed when searching.
Issa (#1)
10/18/22 6:24 pm
All of the new Stable Upgrade options are now available! This includes the replacement version of retired New Year's Resolution and Cupid's Arrow.
Issa (#1)
10/17/22 5:51 pm
Tracks can be unassigned as often as needed in January and February to prevent a horse getting 'stuck' when accidentally assigning the wrong track.
Issa (#1)
10/17/22 5:24 pm
Imports now have a minimum Potential of 30, though most should end up mid-30s or higher depending on Stat Genes.
Issa (#1)
10/16/22 11:39 am
2 and 3 year olds no longer consume extra Energy when training or performing buddy workouts.
Issa (#1)
10/15/22 7:26 pm
Horses may not transition to steeplechase or driving trials until they have at least 10 racing starts or are at least 6 years old.
Issa (#1)
10/15/22 7:26 pm
Horses may not breed or run as workout buddies until they have 100% Maturity.
Issa (#1)
10/15/22 7:24 pm
Quick Match has been removed from the game. New Year's Resolution has been retired, but replaced with the New Leaf upgrade. (If you have NYR, you can still use it.) There are some other exciting new upgrades making their way into the Pro Shop!
Issa (#1)
10/15/22 12:14 pm
The exchange rate for trading Breeding Passes for an Import Voucher has been changed to 50 Passes = 1 Voucher.
Issa (#1)
09/26/22 7:27 pm
Registration is open for October's trick or treat BGA tournament! Join to win cool (or is it ghoul?) prizes! For more info or to sign up, check out the #šŸ†tournament-info channel.
Issa (#1)
09/20/22 3:39 pm
Purses for Initiate's Quest races have been increased to $6,000,000.
Issa (#1)
09/19/22 1:15 pm
The Events page has a small update to include reminders for a few key dates/events.
Issa (#1)
09/19/22 11:28 am
Looking to cut back on racers? Mark your calendars now! We'll be hosting a trial run of an Training Auction in February Y51. Consignments will be open in January and all racing horses who meet the requirements (which will be more relaxed than YA) will be eligible for consignment.
Issa (#1)
09/11/22 1:24 pm
Consignments for the Y50 Yearling Sale are open! The requirements page has been updated and includes a few changes to eligibility and fees.
Issa (#1)
09/05/22 2:15 pm
SIP testing is open again.
Issa (#1)
09/03/22 1:46 pm
Crafting requirements for Blossom Tea and Frozen Nectar have been updated.
Issa (#1)
08/30/22 11:53 am
Cake It Easy tournaments begin Thursday! Make sure you've signed up if you want to participate, received all the invites you needed, and have accepted all your invites.
Issa (#1)
08/28/22 1:28 pm
Training and feeding are reopen! You can now train and feed from a single Care page. All other options (selling, gelding, pasturing, etc.) can be found on the Manage page.
Issa (#1)
08/28/22 12:29 pm
Exercise and Care pages will be inaccessible for a little bit.
Issa (#1)
08/26/22 5:52 pm
Experience gain/loss has been rebalanced, which should make it easier for young horses and others that have been struggling to gain Experience.
Issa (#1)
08/26/22 5:29 pm
PR penalties for racing away from Favorite Distance have been significantly reduced.
Issa (#1)
08/25/22 1:53 pm
Registrations are open for September's Board Game Arena tournaments! No prior experience needed - sign up and join the fun! Details are posted in #šŸ†tournament-info on Discord.
Issa (#1)
08/18/22 6:02 pm
Frosting markings have been updated and now include a 3rd option. You may need to CTRL+F5 to see the updates.
Issa (#1)
08/16/22 1:09 pm
We've dropped in some backend efficiency improvements for the GB breed. This change has no impacts on gameplay and simply makes scripts run smoother. If you notice anything amiss, such as a GB breed icon not showing up somewhere, please post a bug.
Issa (#1)
08/15/22 3:06 pm
Breeding Info pages have received a little TLC. Stallions now show AFP, Grade, and SIP history at the top of the page. All horses show offspring series winners relevant to their breed.
Issa (#1)
08/14/22 10:40 pm
A bug has been corrected in PRs which may cause some horses to run a few points lower in future races. This decline will be most obvious in horses with high stats and style proficiency. Grade suggestions will be updated as needed after this fix settles in.
Issa (#1)
08/14/22 2:06 pm
You can now Hide Mare from a mare's Breeding Info page. This will hide (or unhide) her from your Mare Services page. This is helpful for mares you know you don't want to breed in the current year but also don't want to pasture or pension. Hidden mares will automatically be unhidden at the end of year.
Issa (#1)
08/11/22 2:40 pm
Stallions can now use multiple Victor's Blades so long as they don't exceed the maximum of 30 foal slots.
Issa (#1)
08/09/22 6:45 pm
Condition and Energy now show on the Exercise page of retired horses.
Issa (#1)
08/09/22 3:41 pm
A Quick View page is now available for retired geldings.